Bandana Sizing

To measure your dogs neck, we recommend using a soft measuring tape or a string around the base of their neck. Please keep your dog’s floof in mind, as well as how tight or loose you’d like their ‘dana to be!

Each of our bandanas are handmade with cotton material, and finished with a snap closure offering three ways to wear. This means that if we are all sold out of your dog’s size and only have the next size up, that’s okay! If you’re planning on tying and snapping your bandana, we usually recommend ordering one size larger than you usually would. 

snap closure - aka the easiest way to use your bandana

tie + snap - for those rambunctious pups

✖knotted tie - for a tighter custom fit

For the best fit, we always recommend tucking/folding your bandana at least once, and securing it however you’d like. 

 At Prairie Paws Co. we understand that every dog is different, and do our best to be size inclusive. If the available sizes do not work for you, please reach out to Bailey at and we would be happy to assist you.